An Open Letter To Any Business Owner Working With A Marketing Agency Legally Founded After July 4th, 2015

Are you and your business being ripped off by “agency opportunity” types?

If you’ve been advertising online, you’ve probably noticed that prices keep going up and valuable metrics and measurable KPIs (a.k.a. results) keep going down. And odds are, you might not be getting the answers you’re looking for when you ask your marketing agency why things all of sudden went haywire or why results aren’t like they used to be.

If you didn’t know, one of the most popular niches in “digital marketing” is teaching people how to do digital marketing. This type of training and teaching is sold to people who have little or no business experience and do not know how to market, advertise, or structure a business – but they want to make money online.

And in the summer of 2015, courses offering this type of training flooded the digital marketing landscape. The course promoters offer things such as template websites, contracts, forms, scripts, and sales pitches.

These courses offer to teach people how to swindle hard-working, honest, ethical business owners out of their hard earned profits in exchange for minimal value delivery. Countless pop-up advertising agencies were born in the middle of the night, making wild promises to susceptible business owners who just wanted to keep making an honest profit amidst increasing market competition in nearly every industry.

Staples of these courses include:

-Templates that offer to eliminate any kind of actual work done on behalf of the “agency”

-Tips and tricks for how to literally do ZERO work for clients (outsourcing everything, taking their money off the top) and still banking big profits (a.k.a. taking your hard earned profits for themselves for something you could do yourself, in-house, or outsource for a fraction of the cost)

-Teachers and “gurus” who typically have never sold or marketed anything other than “make money opportunity” types of products and courses making wild claims and promises about the simplicity of making money successfully executing online marketing (a.k.a. they have rarely, if ever, made any money outside of teaching people “how to make money”)

-Techniques that are “flash-in-the-pan”, non-proven across multiple niches or industries, brand-damaging, lacking in long term focus of sustainability, or worse, flat out illegal or unethical

-Hype, over-promotion, and tons of affiliate marketers touting “the next big thing” to bring “money in by the truckloads”

These courses and trainings operate on the premises that “knowing literally anything” gives them an advantage over small business owners like yourself who “know nothing”. After all, it’s easy to throw out a bunch of technical sounding babble to seem qualified and to ask for money that YOU have had to earn for your business.

And at Champion, plainly, we’re sick of it. These people are ripping off you and your business without a care in the world. You work entirely too hard as a small business owner to see your profits taken by incapable clowns acting as glorified middle men. So what can you do?

Educate Yourself

There are loads of ways to educate yourself against these “agencies”. But the easiest way to educate yourself is simply to look at some of the agency opportunity sales sites. You’ll notice they all offer some variant of the same basic trappings.

Here’s “how to start your own digital marketing agency in 10 days” on Udemy. Price: $11. Here’s the link.

Even worse, some of these people simply do a google search for free information on how to start their business. You can see examples here, here, here, here, here, and here. Your own simple Google search will yield pages of the same, with tons of suggestions for similar searches.

Now ask yourself this question – would you trust someone operating off of $11, or even worse – free, advice with YOUR business? Didn’t think so…

Get Numbers.

Data drives digital marketing. Period. Which means your “agency” should have enough access to data to perform a relatively accurate market assessment, needs analysis, and probable performance expectations. While certainly nobody can make a guarantee about specific numbers or metrics, if your “agency” can’t give you a ballpark estimate for your ROI and explain how they arrived at those numbers, run for the hills (and make sure not to cut them another check or cancel your auto pay before they take one more penny from your pockets!)

Trust Your Gut.

Something seems off? It probably is. Does the work seem likes it’s been done by an overseas outsourcer? It probably has been. Do you feel like you’re setting your money on fire with nothing to show for it? You probably are. And it’s probably best to bail out, ask for a refund, and move on to an actual agency with real sales and marketing know-how and workers based in your country.

Want Better Results?

Call Champion. We’ll help you determine what kind of results you should be getting in your business, and you can decide if you’re happy with where you are – and what to do about it.

Stop Getting Ripped Off And Start Getting The Results You Deserve