Automate Your Client Acquisition and Retention

Dynamically respond to the individual interests of your prospects to increase engagement, conversion, and retention so you can make more sales.

Accomplish all of this for your business on autopilot.

Attract, Engage, and Educate Interested Prospects 

Qualify Prospects for Appointments and Consultations 

Sell Your Products and Services

Increase Your Client Lifetime Value

Maximize your productivity. Free up your time. Improve your ROI.

Dynamically Automated Marketing Systems (DAMS) build a flood of highly qualified prospects so you can streamline your business and keep you and your team focused on your highest ROI activities. DAMS are 100% personalized engagement funnels designed to attract, engage, educate, and qualify your ideal prospects, then close and retain those clients for maximum customer lifetime value. DAMS work best for businesses already advertising.

Qualify prospects for your offers, schedule appointments with people eager to buy, sell your high ticket products, services, or events, and increase your customer lifetime value.

Lead Generation

Generating quality leads is the foundation of growth for any business. Attracting your ideal prospects requires a combination of persuasive marketing, effective capturing of leads, and dynamic following up with those leads based on their individual interests.

Prospect Engagement

Nurturing your leads with engaging content provides them with the information they need and a clear understanding of the value your business delivers. Today’s customers increasingly expect to receive plenty of attention so that they can make an informed decision. Provide content based on their individual interests and stage in your sales cycle.

Customer Acquisition

Acquiring new customers is the simplest way to grow your business, but doing so is far from simple anymore. Converting prospects into customers requires a dedicated sales process with dynamically interactive offers that speak to a customer’s interests and values on a personal level.

Client Retention

Spending hard earned money and investing your time in acquiring new customers and delivering your products or services shouldn’t be the end of the road or the end of your ROI. Many of your existing customers want to stay informed and buy more of your products or services, either now or eventually. And many of them know other prospects who could benefit from becoming your customer. And with competition increasing daily, maintaining a great relationship with your existing customers is more important now than ever before.

Standard Package

Start with 4 DAMS Funnels

  • Ideal for businesses or professionals selling a single type of product or service
  • Generate leads for e-mail, phone, or addresses
  • Convert prospects into customers with responsive offer funnels

Professional Package

Start with 7 DAMS Funnels

  • Ideal for selling a few products or services based on prospect qualifications & readiness to buy
  • Generate leads for e-mail, phone, addresses, & more
  • Nurture prospects with persuasive, valuable content
  • Convert prospects into customers with high dynamic offers, real-time scarcity, & more

Champion Package

Start with 12 DAMS Funnels

  • Ideal for businesses or professionals selling multiple products or services to multiple types of customers
  • Generate leads for e-mail, phone, addresses, and more
  • Nurture prospects with persuasive, valuable content
  • Convert prospects into customers with dynamic offers, real time scarcity, & more
  • Sell more to your existing customers with retention campaigns
  • Generate referrals from your highest value clients

Custom Solutions

Need something a “little bigger and a little stronger” than our standard DAMS? We can build custom DAMS ranging from the very simple to the incredibly complex, based on your unique business challenges and market needs. Schedule a consultation to get a comprehensive plan personalized to your business.