If you’re a business owner, a service or sales professional, or a marketing type and you’ve ever struggled with increasing your sales through better marketing, you’ll want to take these wise words from Rachel Ray to heart.
While appearing on the YouTube show Hot Ones from creators First We Feast, Rachel Ray dropped a piece of marketing and sales gold on viewers. The show, which features celebrities and others eating progressively spicier hot sauces as rated by the Scoville scale, often results in guests unintentionally letting down their guard due to the increasing heat from the sauce and wing combinations. For entertainment purposes, it’s worth a watch, but the Rachel Ray episode in particular offered a glimpse of something deeper.

Whatever your opinion about Rachel Ray’s personality, shows, meals, or anything else, there is no denying her marketing and business savvy. She’s made herself a household name with numerous brands licensing her likeness on various products ranging from kitchen utensils to pet food. And her career as a celebrity really only took off in her late 30s, making her a further rarity in today’s youth-driven media. So take her words to heart: they’ve built an empire.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

In this particular episode (you can watch the full episode here, or just skip to the quote directly), Rachel eats the hot sauce directly, without the aide of any wings, and delivers the following, “I just think… any way you can express to people how easy something is so they attack that thing, that’s a successful marketing campaign.” Given the timing of her statement, it’s a reasonable assumption that she’s speaking about her core beliefs and operating principles (the hot sauce sure is effective at getting people to let their guard down, but “Marketing Hot Sauce” is another topic for another day.)

So let’s unpack her statement because there’s a lot there.

First – the focus is on the four crucial words ‘how easy something is’. That’s the core answer your marketing needs to provide. Most people and most companies struggle to create good marketing because they fail to give prospects an understanding of how easy it is to take action. If your marketing is overly complicated or makes your products and services feel overly complicated or complex to implement, then you’re likely turning off your prospects and wasting your marketing dollars.

Second – that focus should extend to the entirety of the campaign, and not just your outward facing marketing. If your prospects respond to your marketing and then find that it’s difficult to take action or to move forward in your client acquisition process (i.e. going to your landing page and then becoming confused about what to do next, etc), you’ll again prevent them from progressing into becoming a client.

Third – it’s not just about taking action, but taking decisive action. Look at the words “so that they attack that thing.” Ultimately, great marketing (and great marketing systems, funnels, and follow-up) don’t just make it easy for people to respond, they inspire them to take motivated steps towards accomplishing that “easy outcome”. That means great direct response marketing ultimately sends your ideal prospects into an action taking frenzy, not just lackadaisical response. When your marketing inspires people to attack their goals (and implement your solutions in their plan of attack, of course), those people are happier and more likely to have success than the prospect casually pursuing a solution with no real motivation or desire. So make it easy, and make it desirable. Your prospects will thank you by taking action.

Fourth – there’s no one right answer to marketing. Every market is different, and the words “any way” imply doing whatever it takes to reach your ideal prospects and connecting them with your message. In this particular content, Rachel is referring to the evolution of younger consumer preferences for faster consumption of cooking recipes and videos. Marketing is fluid and dynamic, and you need to adapt the core of your message (a.k.a. the recipe, in this example) to the preferences of your prospects in order to reach them the way they want to be reached. When you make the effort to adapt your marketing to meet your prospects where they are, they appreciate it because most (if not all) of your competition isn’t going to that length.

The Clock Is Ticking

Visitors often only spend seconds on a website before deciding to leave or take action. Make it easy for them to take action.

Just A 50% Bounce Rate

A 50% bounce rate on your marketing funnel landing page means that half of the cost and effort of driving that activity was entirely wasted.

Conversion Points Deliver Answers

Your KPIs are the real indicator of whether or not your marketing and systems resonate with your prospects. Proper analytics is crucial to identifying the parts of your marketing that aren’t working and implementing improvements that make a difference in your bottom line.
Just as Rachel’s statement about marketing contains a lot of information and wisdom packed into a short sound byte, growing your business effectively requires distilling your message and marketing process into something simple and easy to consume that delivers beyond expectations with layers of planning and execution. If you need help getting the marketing, the message, the medium, or the method ironed out and in predictable, profitable order then get in touch with Champion. Your bottom line will thank you.