Thank You and Congratulations on Your VIP LIFETIME Discount!***

On behalf of the Champion team, we appreciate your commitment as a Champion Reseller. 

Here’s what you need to know:

1) Your credits are being automatically credited within your account

2) You will be able to begin redeeming your credits as soon as 10/24/19

3) We will release the training in four stages beginning 1 week from the VIP rollout (10/28/19) and will rollout 1 stage each week so as not to overwhelm anyone.

This training will mirror the existing CPR reseller training, with modification to fit the upgraded content capabilities and recommended adjustments

Stage 1 – How to Research & Submit Campaigns (Week 1)

Stage 2 – How to Sell to Clients (Week 2)

Stage 3 – How to Handle Reporting (Week 3)

Stage 4 – How to Automate Everything…or As Much As Possible (Week 4)

*You will receive your credits every single month at your lifetime VIP discount with no expiration on the credits. That means even if you don’t use every single one every single month, you can stockpile and redeem them at a later date* 

***All credits in addition to your subscription will be at the normal reseller pricing based on your monthly credit volume. You may add additional subscriptions at the VIP pricing until 10/21/19

To Redeem Existing CPR Credits