The following terms and conditions apply to all services provided by Champion Brand Consulting, its associates, representatives, contractors, and hired experts conducting work or completing services on behalf of the company (hereinafter referred to collectively as “Champion”) for the benefit of the general public, our web visitors, subscribers, customers, clients, and others:

Due to the personalized and custom nature of information, products, goods, and services provided, numerous factors and circumstances outside the control of the subscriber, customer, company or client, and the highly volatile nature of business, Champion cannot guarantee specific outcomes or results in any capacity.

Subscribers, customers, and clients acknowledge and accepts that success in business, as in anything else, depends on a variety of factors that may include but are not limited to: ability, dedication, assets, products, service, knowledge, skills, resources, capacity, staffing or team, market conditions, timing, execution, planning, willingness to succeed, commitment, attitude, customers, suppliers, vendors, contractors, landlords, acts of nature, acts of God, and other factors outside the control of Champion.

Due to the personalized and customer nature of the information, products, goods, and services provided, Champion does not offer refunds of any kind for any reason at any time under any circumstance.

Any person or persons, company, or other entity wishing to engage Champion shall enter into any agreement, whether written, implied, or otherwise with the understanding that 100% of any monies paid to Champion shall be retained by Champion regardless of present status of delivery or completion of services.

Champion operates under the assumption that information provided by the client is complete, accurate, and factual at the time of delivery and is not responsible for any inaccuracies, misrepresentations, mistakes, or other issues arising from information provided by the client.

Champion operates in good faith that client shall deliver all materials and necessary resources as requested and in a timely manner, including but not limited to prompt and timely payment for goods, services, and costs of development and delivery.

Champion reserves the right to terminate client relationships without further obligation of service for failure of client to adhere to timelines, deadlines, and required deliverables including data, access, images, videos, graphics, materials, supplies, products, payments, etc.  Champion reserves the right to use client and customer information for the purposes of targeted marketing efforts on behalf of 

This website is not associated in any way or affiliated with Facebook, Google, or any other search engine or social media platform. The information on this website is not intended to represent any guarantee or warranty of results, implied or otherwise and is presented for informational purposes only. Success in any endeavor requires hard work, knowledge, skills, resources, planning, dedication, and a host of other factors outside the control of Champion Brand Consulting.

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